1 October 2019

LiepU informs students about Erasmus+ mobility opportunities

On 17th September at Liepaja University was held an Erasmus+ informative seminar “Discover the world - go Erasmus”, where students from all programs (faculties) were invited.
During the seminar, students had the opportunity to hear general information about the Erasmus+ program - student mobility and internships, application documents, partner universities, recognition of study courses after return, etc., and hear stories and tips about previous student experiences.
Students listened to the presentation and at the end asked additional questions about destinations and programs at receiving university and clarifications about the budget and application process.
The deadline for students' applications is prolonged and those, who have decided to apply for the Erasmus+ program, are invited to submit the completed application form to the Foreign Affairs Department, Lielā Street 14, room 218, by October 4, 2019.
To learn more information on how to apply for Erasmus+, please visit, under a section: ERASMUS.

About Erasmus+ mobility
Erasmus+ mobility projects consist of three sections - studies (3 - 12 months), internship (2 - 12 months), and after graduation internship (2 - 12 months). At the moment Liepaja University has 105 collaboration agreements for Erasmus+ student mobility including three non-European countries - Turkey, Serbia, Norway, North Macedonia, Lichtenstein, Iceland. Students are encouraged to submit the application all year round, but for going on Erasmus+ studies in the spring semester, students must submit their applications till 4 October, 2019. Note, the application documents have to be done at least 2 weeks before intended exchange dates.

Photos from the Erasmus+ seminar: