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Academic Calendar

The academic year begins in September and is over towards the end of June. As a general rule, it comprises 40 weeks of lectures, seminars and practical work and is mainly divided into 2 semesters.

Examination sessions take place at the end of each semester (first session starts in January and second – in June).

Students are examined separately in each subject and the total number of examinations in a semester is usually between four and six, but it depends on a study programme. Students who fail in an examination, can generally try to pass it again during the session or afterwards.

Academic Calendar for the academic year 2021/2022

Autumn semester (06.09.2021-28.01.2022):

Registration for studies - 30 August - 5 September (for full time students only)

·Studies- 6 September - 23 December (16 weeks)

·Christmas Holidays- 24 December - 2 January

·Session/ exams- 3 January - 28 January (4 weeks)

Spring semester (07.02.2022-03.07.2022):

Registration for studies - 31 January - 6 February

·Studies- 7 February - 10 April (9 weeks)

·Easter Holidays-  11 April - 18 April 

·Studies- 19 April to 5 June (7 weeks)

·Session/ exams- 6 June  to 3 July (4 weeks)

Summer semester:

·Studies/ Holidays- 4 July to 28 August