LiepU networks

Liepaja University is a member in Baltic University Programme.

Baltic University Programme is one of the largest university cooperations in the world, with about 90 participating universities in the Baltic Sea Region, cooperating for education and research in Sustainable Development and Democracy

Liepaja University is a member in ETEN Network - European Teacher Education Network.

The European Teacher Education Network was founded in 1988. The aim is to promote a wide range of cooperation, exchange, research, and publication possibilities for:
• universities and institutions engaged in Higher Vocational Education;
• local education and social authorities; and
• relevant associations of teacher and social educators.

Liepaja University is a member in European Union Universities of Small States (EU²S²) Association

Liepaja University (Prof. Dace Markus) is a member of International Phonetic Association.

The IPA is the major as well as the oldest representative organisation for phoneticians. It was established in 1886 in Paris. The aim of the IPA is to promote the scientific study of phonetics and the various practical applications of that science.