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Study mobility

The Erasmus+ mobility programme offers an unique opportunity to enrich study period at the Liepaja University by combining it with 3 to 12 months at one of our 70+ Partner Universities. ERASMUS+ student mobility for studies is carried out in the framework of “inter-institutional agreements” between home and host institutions, both of which must be holders of an ERASMUS+ University Charter.

If you are interested in taking part, first identify an Erasmus+ partner institution that offers a relevant programme by browsing their Erasmus and programme pages.

You need to fullfill following requirements to be eligible for Erasmus+ programme:

  • Are registered students at Liepaja University;
  • Have successfully completed the first 2 semesters;
  • Speak English or the language of the host country on at least an intermediate level;
  • Do not have academic or tuition fee debts.

In the beginning of each study semester, students are welcome to apply for exchange studies in International Relations department by submitting following documents:

  • Student Application Form for the Student Mobility
  • Transcript of Record issued by the faculty
  • Statement on Academic Success issued by the faculty
  • Motivation Letter in English or in the language the studies will be held (addressed to Foreign Affairs department)
  • Official certificate of foreign language knowledge (if any)   

Partner universities for your specific study programme can be found here

N.B. After Application procedure there is selection procedure organized  in the Foreign Affairs department

Prior to the departure student have to be aware about the ERASMUS+ Student Charter and have to prepare such documents:

  • Document package for the host institution
  • Learning Agreement
  • Prior Mobility Study Course Recognition Plan
  • Grant Agreement
  • Travel Insurance for the all study period abroad

N.B. If it is necessary, students have to make changes in the Learning Agreement of Study Mobility during the first two weeks in the host institution. If there are changes made in the Learning Agreement, Mobility Study Course Recognition Plan also has to be corrected.

Upon arrival, ERASMUS+ students have to submit (during 1 month):

  • Transcript of Record issued by host institution (Title of study course, ECTS volume and grade have to be mentioned there)
  • Letter of Confirmation issued by host institution or Europass
  • After Mobility Study Course Recognition Plan
  • Additional confirmation documents (travel checks or tickets, documents confirming living expenses, travel insurance policy etc.)
  • “Student Success Story”

Erasmus+ grant rates for each country can be found here.

To get more information about Erasmus+ programme realized in Liepaja University please contact with Liepaja University International Relations department.