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Latvian Education System

The Latvian education system consists of pre-school education, basic education, secondary education and higher education.

Graphic visualisation of Latvian education system taken from AIC web site.


More information about Latvian Education system you can find in the Academic Information Centre (AIC) web site.



The Latvian higher education system is part of the Bologna process, and, correspondingly, follows the so-called 3-cycle system, where the 1st cycle includes an academic or professional Bachelor degree, the 2nd cycle includes an academic or professional Master degree and the 3rd cycle includes the Doctoral degree.



In Latvia you may receive a diploma that is recognized by the state and/or your higher education institution. Only those diplomas are internationally recognized that have been accepted by the state. If your diploma is recognized by the Republic of Latvia, you can receive a confirmation of its validity and translation of credits practically in any country of the world. To receive a diploma recognized by the Republic of Latvia, both the institution of higher education and the study programme of your choice must be accredited (Accreditation is the state guarantee confirming the quality of the studies (from this follows the right of the university to issue diplomas recognized by the state)). If neither the university nor the study programme has been accredited, the diploma thereof is invalid.

The list of the accredited institutions of higher education, as well as accredited or licensed study programmes is available at Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre web site.



Liepaja University is officially accredited state University and as Latvia is a member state of European Union, The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon Convention)  approved in 1997, applies also to Latvian universities, including Liepaja University, basis on this Convention, holders of qualifications issued in one EU member state shall have adequate access to an assessment of these qualifications in another EU member state, it means Lisbon Convention ensures that qualification obtained in Liepaja University is recognized in all EU and EEA member states.