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International Week 2019

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2nd International Week at Liepaja University: Exchanging Experiences

Liepaja University announces the 2nd International Week for Teaching and Administrative Staff from different countries!

Date: 14-17 May, 2019

Venue: Liepaja University, Lielā street 14, Liepaja (LATVIA)

Liepaja University is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Latvia with large experience and academic traditions. It is located in the heart of Liepaja city - city with long and diverse history, unique architecture and atmosphere, and mostly - the wonderful sea and the beach.

Liepaja University invites administrative and teaching staff from different higher education insitutions to exchange experiences related to Erasmus+ programme and international students!

A week full of discussions, networking and sharing of best-practices will focus on different topics, therefore candidates are invited to submit their proposals of a good practice exemples from their home universiy.

Please APPLY by filling the application link HERE and by sending in e-mail to the copy of your application.


PHOTOS from the 1st International Week

Participants reviews on 1st International Week:

“Good impressions of Liepaja University, this week proved the words said by Rector, that the university is a small, but elegant university! You are like a family, I am jealous for it in a good way. It was a good combination of formal workshops and cultural events. I hope we will have a great cooperation in the future!”
- Anželika Slimanavičiene, Vilniaus kolegija/ University of Applied Sciences

“The idea to write all e-mails in 2 languages; some new inspirations how to inform students about Erasmus+ programme. It was good to hear that others has the same problems :)”

- Heidrun Hubert-Zilker, University of Wuerzburg

“I will consider participating / initiating projects under ERASMUS+ KA2 activity – thanks to encouraging example and speech by Patriks and Vitaly. I will encourage also our students to choose exchange studies at Liepaja University!”
- Virginija Savalenkovienė, Kaunas University of Technology

“I have gained information on how to write a good project, what is good or bad project proposal; how to solve practical problems of incoming Erasmus+ exchange students or Professors”.
- Sandra Grigaravičiute, Lithuanian University of Education

“New experiences / information about Erasmus+ programme; impressions about Latvia; pleasant stay in Liepaja; meeting with nice colleagues. Well organized event in everything (timetable / hospitalization)”.
- Doreen Kursawe, Technical University Dresden