Incoming students

Traditional events

Each academic semester there are several traditional events organized for incoming Erasmus students in Liepaja University:


1. Welcome Week (including Orientation game) - in the beginning of each academic semester (September/ February)


- Welcome by ESN Liepaja (10/02/2016)

- Welcome Reception (01/02/2016)

- Welcome Reception (01/09/2015)

- Orientation Game for incoming Erasmus students (Autumn Semester 2014)

- Exchange Student's Welcome Event (01/09/2014)

- Orientation Game for incoming Erasmus students (Spring Semester 2014)

- Orientation Game for incoming Erasmus students (Autumn Semester 2013)


2. Liepaja City Tour - in the beginning of each academic year (September/ February or March)


- Liepaja City Tour (29/03/2014)

- Liepaja City Tour (21/09/2013)


3. Kurzeme Region Excursion

-  Kurzeme Excursion for Erasmus+ students  (18/10/2014)


4. International Evenings - during all academic semester


- Cultural Exchange Evening: Germany, Korea, Nigeria, Turkey, Turkmenistan (11/03/2016)

- Cultural Exchange Evening: Germany, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Turkey (10/11/2015) 

- Sri Lankan Cultural Evening (04/11/2015)

- Latvian Culture Evening (16/10/2015)

- International Evening (Germany, Lithuania, Korea, Turkey) (15/04/2015)

- Kazakhstan Culture Evening (10/12/2014)

- Greece/Slovakia Culture Evening (03/12/2014)

- Korean Culture Evening (28/11/2014)

- Turkish Culture Evening (06/11/2014)

- Latvian Cultural Evening (10/10/2014)

- Latvian National Evening (06/03/2014)


5. Participation in different Liepaja city schools' events, lessons, workshops


- Workshop "The World of Languages" for students from Liepaja region schools (10/03/2014)

- Exchange students visit Liepaja Secondary school No5 (13/05/2014)


6. Other activities

- Semester closing event at Curonian Vikings Camp (09/06/2016)

- International students particpate at Latvian Stories Workshop at Riga (19/05/2016)

- International students participate at the European Week of Sport (11/09/2015)

- Exchange students dance together with LiepU folk dance collective (20/10/2014)

"It was awesome, I loved it so much, your  dances are so fast, vivid and jumping all the time!!! It's also a very good way to excersize the body. I would like to do that again or at least watch you dance!!!" (Spiridoula, Greece)

"I liked rehearsal. I was glad  learning the Latvian dance. It was unusual and interesting for me. Thank you very much for this opportunity" (Sayan, Kazakhstan)

"Actually we all like it sooo muuuuch!! We were dancing on the street what we've learnt  and for some reason we couldn't stop smilling! (Vasiliki, Greece)


- Exchange students visit Liepaja's animal shelter (03/10/2014)

- International students playing paintball (22/05/2014)

- Erasmus Exchange and full degree students visit Liepaja City council (29/05/2014)


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