24 September 2021

Guest lecturers from Vilnius College of Technologies and Design had teaching at LiepU

From 20th to 24th September Liepaja University hosted five guest lecturers (Donatas Kriaučiūnas, Petras Kaikaris, Jonas Matijošius, Alfredas Rimkus and Mantas Juchnevičius)  under the Erasmus+ teaching mobility and the study coordinator Jovita Čičinskiene under the staff mobility from the Technical Faculty of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania. During whole week the guest lecturers gave lectures  to LiepU 1st and 2nd year students of the Bachelor's study programme "Smart Technologies and Mechatronics". 

The conducted lectures covered such topics as internal combustion engine exhaust emissions and design innovations, aftertreatment systems, hybrid/electric vehicles, Toyota THS system, petrol injection systems and car air conditioning systems, working principles and operating peculiarities of internal combustion engines, as well as different research of the efficiency of using O2 and H2 gas additives in engine operating on diesel fuel and biodiesel and the practice of MasterCam.

All the guest lecturers discussed the study process and future plans about the joint partnership with the Dean of LiepU Faculty of Science and Engineering Anita Jansone and the faculty members. 

Thank you for your teaching and hoping to see you next time at LiepajaUniversity!

Some photos from the teaching by guest lecturers: