9 September 2021

International students have arrived at Liepaja University

Every academic semester, new international student joins Liepaja University - this semester 25 Erasmus exchage students (boths for studies and internships) and more then 30 full degree students from Europe, Asia and Africa.

LiepU International relations department is happy that this time so many different countries are represented what makes LiepU study environment more interesting and international. LiepU hosts Erasmus+ exchange students from Lithuania (8), Turkey (5), France (3), Russian Federation (3), Italy (2), India (2), Cyprus (1) and very soon Phd student from South Africa will join us.

Exchage students will study at LiepU IT, computer sciences and ecotechnologies as well as various foreign languages. This semester students are coming from different LiepU pertner universities as: Bursa Uludağ UniversityNevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli UniversityPanevėžio kolegijaCTL EurocollegeLovely Professional UniversityITMO University, West Catolic UniversityUniversity of Western BrittanyUniversity of Naples "L'Orientale", Chechen State Pedagogical UniversityUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal.

After the opening ceremony on 6th September, international students participated in the "Breaking the Ice" events. In the first event, an activity to introduce themselves took place for everyone's relaxation. After everyone started to feel cozy, the second activity started. In this event, groups of three were made. The aim of the event was for international students from different cultures and countries to get to know and mingle with each other. At the end of the event, Ezgi from Turkey said: "My first day at university was good. Everyone was friendly, I'm already excited about the experiences I will have at LiepU, where I will study for two semesters."

After the event, the welcome cake specially prepared for international students was cut and served. Burak from Turkey adds: "The event was fun. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know everyone on the first day of school."

At the end students left the school to have a guided tour around the city. In order to inform the students about the city of Liepaja, where they will live for a while, they were shown historical and touristic places. Matilda from France says: "I had the opportunity to watch the opening ceremony. The teachers' clothes, the musical activity was good. In the meet-up event, we had the opportunity to meet, talk and get to know each other with other international students. That was nice, being with the students there. Thanks to the city tour, I had the chance to learn about this city, where I will live for two semesters.”

We wish success to LiepU international students who joined us on 6th September and those who are on their way to Liepaja! See you all very soon!

Photos from the activities: