25 August 2021

LiepU International Relations department visits Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

Liepaja University continues to meet with different universities. On August 24, Liepaja University International Office visited Vilnius College of Technologies and Desing (VTDK), located in Vilnius. During the visit, technical and application classes, students ' work areas, recreation areas and their work were examined.

The college offers a lot of opportunities for its students. It creates a special area for students with the classes and areas where they implement the programs. During the meeting, the experiences and contributions that both universities will provide to their students in line with the cooperation were discussed.

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design consists of 3 faculties: the Design Faculty, the Technical Faculty, and the Civil Engineering Faculty. College is a state university of applied sciences, offering 16 full-time study programs in design, civil engineering, technical sciences and transportation to students. Studies focus on practical activities and enable students to acquire a specialized background and achieve a professional bachelor’s degree.

After examining Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, the International Relations Office can assure that the opportunities offered by the college will be a different experience for the students of both institutions.