22 July 2021

LiepU International Relations department visits Šiauliai Academy

Summer period has always been an active time for visiting Liepaja University partner universities abroad. This week Liepaja University International Relations Department visited Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy (VU ŠA) in Šiauliai, Lithuania and had a chance to meet with the Director of its Academy Prof Renata Bilbokaitė and International coordinator Beatričė Poškuvienė. During the visit were discussed changes caused due to the higher education reform recently implemented in Lithuania because now due to this fact Šiauliai University has been emerged with Vilnius University working together as one higher education institution. Similarly, we discussed the new situation and changes in management of implementing the study programmes, local and international student admission, the biggest challenges during the pandemics, current situation with full-degree international and exchange students and more active possibilities of student and staff exchange between both Hei in the future.

Currently LiepU and VU ŠA has common partnership in the fields of Pedagogy, Social Work, Design, Art, Baltic philology and Culture studies but we have agreed to more strenghthen our brand programmes such as the fields of Speech therapy, Pre-school education, Music therapy in terms of Erasmus+ exchange and projects.