17 June 2021

New rector's order regarding the organization of the study process



No. 34 – v, 16th June2021

Regarding the working regime and organization of the study process

Based on the "Law on the Management of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection" of the 5th June 2020 and rules of the Cabinet Regulation No. 360 of the 9th June 2020 “Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection”, from 16th June 2021 are established these epidemiological safety measures and restrictions and determined the following working regime and the organization of the study process at Liepaja University (further referred to as LiepU):

1. To DETERMINE that

1.1. LiepU is closed for visitors (exceptional cases see in the Clauses 2, 5.2, 5.3);

1.2. Acquisition of the higher education study programmes is held remotely (exceptional cases see in the Clause 2);

1.3. Programmes of adult professional further education, professional development and adult non-formal education are being implemented remotely (exceptional cases see in the Clause 2);

1.4. All public events are cancelled and prohibited in presence (conferences, seminars and other events), except for:

1.4.1. outside graduation ceremonies within one group, up to a maximum of 40 people, up to a duration of the event - 2 hours, observing a distance of at least 2 metres between any persons (if it is not possible to follow a distance of 2 metres during the event, the present people shall use the mouth and nose covers), determining the greeting of graduates from relatives and friends after the formal part of the event and by placing information on precautionary and safety requirements at the place of the event;

1.4.2. entrance exams where is intended the testing of the applicants' practical preparedness in order to ensure an objective assessment and, where this part of the entrance exams needs to be carried out on site, for not more than 10 persons in the group;

1.4.3. other permitted assembly cases specified in regulatory enactments, which are organised in conformity with the regulatory enactments that are in force, observing the epidemiological safety measures specified therein.

1.5.Epidemiological safety measures in events that are held in presence shall be ensured by the organiser.

2. To ALLOW:

2.1. in presence to organize the acquisition of the practical part of all the professional education programme courses and of all higher education programme study programme study courses, which is necessary for acquiring professional skills or which are not possible to carry out remotely or to postpone to further study stages, ensuring that there are not more than five students in the group and all the epidemiological safety requirements are observed; practical classes in the presence are held in accordance with an approved schedule by the dean. presence to organize the acquisition of the practical part of professional further education programmes, qualification internship and the testing of the professional qualification exam, as well as the acquisition of the practical part of the professional development programme, which is not possible to carry out remotely:

2.2.1. participating not more than 10 learners and two teaching staff, each day making daily registration of participants, conducting weekly testing of the Covid-19 virus, using mouth and nose covers for participants, for each learning participant providing at least of 3 m2 in the room, observing a distance of 2 metres between any persons, regularly ventilating rooms, ensuring that flows are not overlapped, or

2.2.2. in presence to organize the acquisition of the practical part of professional further education programmes, qualification internship and the testing of the professional qualification exam, as well as the acquisition of the practical part of the professional development programme, which is not possible to carry out remotely:

2.3. to organise outdoor interest education and artistic collective classes (not more than 20 persons in the group) in accordance with other conditions specified in the regulatory enactments, taking into account epidemiological safety requirements;

2.4. to organise business trips, work trips or other mobility events, if those are organised in accordance with the following principles:

2.4.1. strictly observing the epidemiological safety measures specified in Latvia and requirements related to them;

2.4.2. enhanced evaluating whether it is not possible to achieve the results related to the purpose of the trip in a different way;

2.4.3. inviting the involved persons to vaccinate against Covid-19;

2.4.4. When LiepU staff is travelling abroad,  additionally to subject to the following conditions: by examining the epidemiological situation of the specific country of destination and transit countries and the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or  Disease Prevention and Control Center and observing them; strictly observing the epidemiological safety measures specified in the country of destination and transit country  and the requirements related to them; observing the epidemiological safety measures and requirements of the education institution or other institutions to which it is intended to go; carrying out travel insurance, which also covers potential costs, which may arise for the person regarding the COVID-19 infection. a person to be commanded in the destination or transit country is subject to a different approach between the vaccinated and/or persons who have come through Covid-19 and the rest of the society (for example, self-isolation, testing, etc.) and as a result of this different approach increases the travel expenses or, due to a different approach, it is not possible to fully carry out  the tasks of the business trip, in these business trips shall only be sent LiepU staff who hold a valid Covid-19 certificate recognised in that country during the period of the trip.

2.4.5. if LiepU staff, when returning to Latvia from a work trip abroad, has to observe the self-isolation, which is specified only for persons who have not been vaccinated and/or come through Covid-19, the staff shall perform their work duties remotely or to take annual vaccation;

2.5. to perform  work in presence in case the specifics of work does not permit and/or the continuity of the work can not be performed remotely at his or her place of residence.


3.1. to the deans to ensure the remote study process and the process of practical classes in accordance with the schedule submitted in the Study and Economy Department;

3.2. to the Head of Lifelong learning department to ensure the remote implementation of adult professional further education programmes, professional development and adult non-formal education programmes;

3.3. to the heads of departments, including directors of scientific research institutes:

 3.3.1. to plan and ensure remote performance of work, ensuring timely implementation of department's work and functions;

  3.3.2. in case mentioned in the Clause 2.5. to carry out record-keeping of working time in presence.

3.4. when staying in LiepU premises, persons holding an interoperable certificate of vaccination or diseasement attesting that the person has been vaccinated against Covid -19 infection and has passed fourteen days after the completion of a full vaccination course or a person has transmitted Covid-19 infection in accordance with the criteria specified in regulatory enactments, it is permitted to gather up to 20 persons in the workplace without wearing mouth and nose covers; and not observing a two metre distance (such a procedure apply only to permanent collectives);

3.5. when staying in LiepU shared rooms, as well as in  case of persons about whom do not have information on the vaccination of persons or the fact of transmitting the Covid-19 infection, a two-metre distance must be observed and mouth and nose covers must be used, as well as other epidemiological safety measures, recommendations of the Disease Prevention and Control Center for the limitation of Covid-19 ( and LiepU procedures “Procedures for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 in Liepaja University” (;

3.6. during the remote period for the communication with the relevant employee to see the list on QAS (Quality Assurance System) and/or phone numbers available on LiepU website.

4. To DETERMINE that in the exceptional cases stated in the Clauses 2, 5.2 and 5.3, the study buildings for the staff are available:

In Lielā street 14, Liepaja:

4.1. on working days from 8:00 am until 18:00 pm;

4.2. on Saturdays and Sundays – closed;

In Kūrmāja prospect 13, Liepaja:

4.3. on working days from 8:00 am until 18:00 pm;

4.4. on Saturdays and Sundays – closed.

The entrance in buildings for the staff and students (in accordance with the schedule of the practical classes held in presence approved by the deans) is allowed by presenting a valid LiepU card. LiepU administrators carry out the visual control - whether the persons entering the buildings use the mouth and nose cover. In cases where it has not been used or has been used in an inappropriate manner (not covering the mouth and the nose), the person is invited to use the cover correctly. If the person does not comply with an invitation, the administrator invites the person to leave LiepU building. If the person continues to not comply with the legal requirements of the administrator, Liepaja municipality police is called.

5. To DETERMINE that LiepU library:

5.1. is closed for visitors;

5.2. the book delivery for LiepU staff (academic staff, general staff, lecturers, participants of courses, seminars, lectures, listeners and students of the study courses) from the library is permitted only with a prior reservation on BIS “Alise” or by phone (to see the section on LiepU website: Bibliotēka-Par bibliotēku-Kontaktinformācija un darba laiki), and receiving the reservation in a non-contact way;

5.3. the book handover is allowed only using a book-drop box in the lobby, where those will be put in quarantine for at least overnight according to the working time of LiepU buildings and stated epidemiological safety measures for the distribution of Covid-19.

6. Further academic process at LiepU can be changed and planned according to the conditions caused by the epidemiological state and public safety requirements.

7. [..].

8. [..]

9. To ASSIGN to the heads of departments to inform its staff, including the deans to inform the students. 

10. To ACKNOWLEDGE that the order No. 21-v of the 7th April 2021 “Regarding the working regime and organization of the study process” has lost its force.


Rector Dace Markus