15 June 2021

Information about graduations

This year graduations have been planned accordingly to rules of epidemologic situation. They will be happening outside of Liepaja University, next to the central entrance. The date and time of each graduation:

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering - July 1, 2021 at 15.00;
  • Faculty of Humanities and Arts - July 1, 2021 at 12.00.

Graduates, programme directors and teaching staff must pay attention to following points:

  • Robes won't be available. It is not allowed to use your own/rented robe as every university has their own design robes and it is a symbol of university.
  • Only ONE graduate is giving a speach during each graduation. Please choose one representative to give the speech.
  • The participant count is limited - only 40 people per graduation - therefore programme directors and teaching staff should take their places outside the space reserved for graduates.
  • Relatives and friends can congratulate the graduates after the official ceremony is over.

By considering the points mentioned above, let's try to make the graduation ceremonies delightful and memorable, despite the rules of this time!