20 May 2021

Integration courses for 3rd country citizens in Liepaja




To promote the integration of persons, who are third-country nationals and legally residents in Latvia into Latvian society, the organization “Cooperation Platform” has been implementing the project “Integration ABC – 4” from April 2021 to September 2022. It means that all third-country nationals who are currently living in Liepaja can apply for FREE INTEGRATION COURSES and at the end of courses to receive a valuable certificate and involve in many different and interesting cultural activities. 

The Integration courses in Liepaja will start as soon as the group of people will be formed.


• What is Latvia's economy, traditions, values, features compared to other countries?

• Where and how can you make friends with Latvians?

• How to start your business or work in Latvia?

Classes - in Latvian, Russian, English or other languages

APPLY by filling the application form until 30th May: HERE or for additional information contact the course coordinator Sintija Leigute via e-mail:

The main tasks of the project are to introduce quality integration course and Latvian language club programmes for third-country nationals, organise interactive, educational, mutual awareness and integration promoting events for foreigners who are living in Latvia and representatives of the local community.

The main activities of the project will include integration courses, lessons at the Latvian Language Club, intercultural events, as well as contemporary art activities.

Successful integration is possible, if foreigners are given the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of the history, culture, political situation, and institutions of the local community. The integration course participants will explore the fundamental values of Latvia's history and the country, its political system, will acquire knowledge of the social, educational and health services system in Latvia and accessibility, the situation in the labour market, employment, the opportunity to work or build their own business, as well as knowledge of Latvian culture, traditions and skills in the development of intercultural dialogue. During the free of charge integration courses it is planned to train 500 foreigners in the regions of Riga, Zemgale, Kurzeme and Latgale.

When introducing foreigners to the culture and other people living in Latvia, a number of measures, promoting intercultural communication and socialisation will be organised. This year, a “Tradition Day” event is planned at the Great Guild. Foreigners will be invited to attend museums, concerts, exhibitions or shows in Riga, Liepaja and Rezekne together with representatives of the local community. The project participants will be able to engage in a simulation game dedicated to building and developing of the intercultural dialogue skills, as well as to relive mutual tolerance by revealing new things or facts about themselves and others. The joint membership of the participants in 20th International Festival of Milk, Bread and Honey in Jelgava or other large-scale activity in the open area is planned. The project participants will be able to travel on several tours, noting the importance of Old Riga, the House of Blackheads, Latvia's nature, history and culture, as well as the importance of home production. Several joint creative and educational workshops will also take place: crown, Christmas ornaments’ making, Latvian skills acquisition workshops and the masterclass in Ebru Art.

The lessons of the Latvian Language Club will be dedicated to strengthening of the Latvian language skills in an informal and friendly atmosphere, promoting the daily use of language and reducing the speech barrier. The club's activities are also scheduled in all regions of Latvia, involving 200 members.

During the contemporary cultural events, the foreigners will be invited to engage creatively and actively. For example, in Rezekne, jointly will be created an impromptu theatre show, in Ramata - an environmental object - installation with stone, wooden elements and visualizations developed by participants. During the contemporary plein air painting the participants will form a wall painting in graffiti technique and a “stop motion” animation short film.

The project “Integration ABC – 4” within the Refuge, Migration and Integration Fund implements the society „Cooperation Platform”. The project is co-financed by the European Union. Grant agreement No. PMIF/8/2020/4/04.