7 April 2021

Regarding the working regime and organization of the study process from 7th April



No. 21 – v, 7th April 2021

Regarding the working regime and organization of the study process

Based on the rules of the 9th June 2020 No. 360 “Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection”, from 7th April 2021 Liepaja University (further referred to as LiepU) establishes these epidemiological safety measures and restrictions for the spread of COVID-19 and determines the following working regime and the organization of the study process:

1. To DETERMINE that

1.1. LiepU is closed for visitors (see exceptional cases in the Clauses 2, 5.2, 5.3);

1.2. Acquisition of the higher education study programmes is held remotely;

1.3. Programmes of adult professional further education, professional development and adult non-formal education are being implemented remotely;

1.4. All public events are cancelled and prohibited in presence (graduations, conferences, seminars, meetings and other events);

1.5. Previously confirmed business trips or work trips, which have not yet taken place  are cancelled at LiepU, as well as it is prohibited to confirm new business trips or work trips for employees.

2. To ALLOW:

2.1. to organize the acquisition of the practical part for the professional education programmes and higher education programmes in presence, which is necessary for acquiring professional skills or the qualification in the first half a year of 2021, if there are no more than 5 students in one group (course) and which is not possible to carry out remotely. Practical classes in presence take place  in accordance with the schedule approved by the dean;

2.2. to work in presence, if the specifics of the work does not allow it and/or it is not possible to carry out the continuity of work remotely at one's own place of residence.


3.1. to the deans to ensure the remote study process and the process of practical classes in accordance with the schedule submitted in the Study and Economy Department;

3.2. to the Head of Lifelong learning department to ensure the remote implementation of adult professional further education programmes, professional development and adult non-formal education programmes;

3.3. to the heads of departments, including directors of scientific research institutes:

  3.3.1. to plan and ensure remote performance of work, ensuring continious work and timely implementation of department's functions;

  3.3.2. to carry out the record-keeping of working time in presence in the case mentioned in the Clause 2.2.

3.4. when being in LiepU premises to wear mouth and nose covers, to observe a two meter distance between any people and other recommendations of the Disease Prevention and Control Center for limiting Covid-19 infection ( and LiepU procedures “Procedures for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 in Liepaja University” (;

3.5. during the remote working time for the communication with the relevant employee to see the list on QAS (Quality Assurance System) and/or phone numbers available on LiepU website.

4. To DETERMINE that in the exceptional cases stated in the Clauses 2, 5.2 and 5.3, the study buildings for the staff are available:

In Lielā street 14, Liepaja:

4.1. on working days from 8:00 am until 18:00 pm;

4.2. on Saturdays and Sundays – closed;

In Kūrmāja prospect 13, Liepaja:

4.3. on working days from 8:00 am until 18:00 pm;

4.4. on Saturdays and Sundays – closed.

The entrance in buildings for the staff and students (in accordance with the schedule of the practical classes held in presence approved by the dean) is allowed by presenting a valid LiepU card. LiepU administrators carry out the visual control - whether the persons entering the buildings use the mouth and nose cover. In cases where it has not been used or has been used in an inappropriate manner (not covering the mouth and the nose), the person is invited to use the cover correctly. If the person does not comply with an invitation, the administrator invites the person to leave LiepU building. If the person continues to not comply with the legal requirements of the administrator, Liepaja municipality police is called.

5. To DETERMINE that LiepU library:

5.1. is closed for visitors;

5.2. the book delivery for LiepU staff (academic staff, general staff, lecturers, participants of courses, seminars, lectures, listeners and students of the study courses) from the library is permitted only with a prior reservation on BIS “Alise” or by phone (to see the section on LiepU website: Bibliotēka-Par bibliotēku-Kontaktinformācija un darba laiki), and receiving the reservation in a non-contact way;

5.3. the book handover is allowed only using a book-drop box in the lobby, where those will be put in quarantine for at least overnight according to the working time of LiepU buildings and stated epidemiological safety measures for the distribution of Covid-19.

6. Further academic process at LiepU can be changed and planned according to the conditions caused by the epidemiological state and public safety requirements.

7. [..].

8. [..]

9. To ASSIGN to the heads of departments to inform its staff, including the deans to inform the students. 


Rector Dace Markus