31 March 2021

LiepU assembles the second wooden electric car

Specialists at the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Liepaja University have already started to assemble the second electric car.

A set of parts Woodpecker for the assembling of a wooden car  has been received and its assembly has begun. The customer  is the society of Riga  High Tech, which will receive an open source code tree electric car of operating, ecologically clean vehicle Woodpecker assembled at Liepaja University together with a training course description for the science and innovative technology programmes of higher education institutions.

Project manager Uldis Žaimis says: “Cooperation with society of Riga High Tech, with whom we share common interests, takes more than a year. Everything started with a protocol of intent, and we are now planning to hand over a ready wooden electric car to the customer at the end of May."