30 March 2021

Students are invited to apply for a new master's degree program "Educational Sciences"

Undergraduate students with Bachelor's degree or second level professional higher education in Pedagogy (acquired at least 240 ECTS) are invited to apply for postgraduate study program "Educational Sciences" and receive Master of Education Sciences degree in just 1,3 years. This Master's programme both continues the best classical university academic traditions and constitutes a new – more targeted and structured – offer for educators and other specialists who want to develop pedagogical, management and research competencies.

Studies will be held in English and will start on 6th September 2021. Students will be able to choose one of two modules: 

  • “Diversity and Inclusion in Education” 
  • “Teaching and Learning for Competence”.

The aim of the study program is to promote the development and competitiveness of the teaching, management and research skills of students in the field of education and motivate further academic growth. This programme has been developed in co-operation with three partner universities in Latvia. As a result of passing the program, the master students obtain qualifications to continue their academic research in doctoral studies.

More information (admission requirements, fee etc.) about this study program HERE.

If you have specific questions, please contact the study programme director: Dr.paed. Maija Ročāne, e-mail:

Admission questions: /