16 December 2020

LiepU concludes the articulation agreement with Lovely Professional University in India

Liepaja University has recently concluded the articulation agreement with Lovely Professional University (LPU) which allows to LPU students to complete their degree of the professional bachelor level four years study program “Information technology” at LiepU. Indian students will finish their last two academic years at Liepaja University.

To be a transfer student at LiepU, Indian students must complete courses of the first two study years at their university with a minimum grade of 60%, they also must meet the entrance criteria of Liepaja University.

Deputy Officer at the Division of International Affairs Manu Aggarwal adds: “Lovely Professional University is a truly global university with an International outlook. We want that our students could study all over the world. For that, we have made a concerted effort to sign articulation agreements and effect such transfers of students all over the world to our partner universities. Such transfers also aim to encourage other international activities with these universities, like faculty exchange joint research projects and joint co-funding.”

Lovely Professional University is one of the biggest universities in India with a vision to be a premier academic institution, recognized internationally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research, internationalization, entrepreneurship and leadership.