1 December 2020

Creative works of our artists can now be seen in the book published in Lithuania

Faculty of Humanities and Arts professors have an old professional friendship with Lithuanian colleagues and our teaching staff’s exhibitions are regularly viewed in the art gallery “Laiptai” in Šiaulai city.

Works created at Šiauliai art plenery 2020 have been a exhibited art the gallery, now have been published also in a book. There are included the creative works of Liepaja University professors: Inta Klasone, Aldis Klavins and lecturer Solvita Spirge-Sene.

Professor Inta Klasone says: “The international festival “Šiauliai Monmartre Republic” for me is an important, colorful, interesting and artistically filled time of several days. Besides working on the easel, unforgettable impressions were created by both emotional music rhythms and interesting historical venues. "